Symposium Proposal Submission and Guidelines

Symposium Proposal Submission and Guidelines

 Symposium Proposal Submission is closed.

Key Dates

Proposal Submission Opens 22 May 2023
Proposal Submission Extended Deadline 22 September 2023
Proposal Notification by the end of October 2023

Rules for Submission

  • Each symposium will contain 4 invited talks (20 min each) and 4 offered talks (10 min each). Speakers for offered talks will be selected from the abstracts.
  • Session length – 2 hours, format – live.
  • Symposia should be related to the following themes:
  • Theme 1: Cell biology, biochemistry and physiology
  • Theme 2: Environment, ecology and interactions
  • Theme 3: Evolution, biodiversity and systematics
  • Theme 4: Fungal pathogenesis and disease control
  • Theme 5: Genomics, genetics and molecular biology
  • Theme 6: Applied mycology

Guidelines for Submission

Before you begin, please prepare the following information:

Session title should be brief, meaningful and precise, limited to 100 characters.

Session description: a brief (150 words max) summary of the symposium theme and goals that will be used in the Program book, if the symposium is selected.

  • A proposal must include 4 speakers and 2 chairpersons who are responsible to lead the discussion during the session.
  • Presenting speakers’ and chairs’ contact details should include:

Full first and family name(s)
Email address
Affiliation details: department, institution / hospital, city, state (if relevant), country

  • Chairpersons can also be speakers.
  • Selection of speakers should include both junior and senior scientists with experience in presenting their research to a broad multidisciplinary audience. Diversity and inclusion are priorities, including underrepresented groups, gender and geographical representation, and will be considered as important criteria in speaker selection. Therefore, the proposed speakers/chairpersons should preferably belong to different institutions, countries, and regions when possible. Convincing arguments should be provided if the composition is otherwise.
  • The following rules should also be followed:

Plenary, Special lecture speakers cannot be proposed as symposia speakers.
Individuals can participate only once as speaker.
Individuals can participate only once as chair.
Gender, diversity and inclusion should be respected throughout the program to the extent possible.

  1. The proposal must comply with ethical guidelines for scientific research in general, and in particular for human and animal research.
  2. The Program Committee will not consider any incomplete proposal.
  3. Each one of the proposed participants has given his/her consent for the proposal and is committed to participate in the Congress in case of acceptance.
  4. In case the proposal is accepted, each speaker accepts the conditions of participation in the Congress as defined by the organizers.
  5. The Program Committee may require changes in speakers or in topics for the proposal before final acceptance.
  6. Organizers may refuse any change after a proposal has been accepted by the Program Committee, and therefore may cancel a session which would no longer correspond to the approved proposal. Any change must have the prior approval of the Program Committee.
  7. In no event will the organizers be liable for the content of a proposal with respect to its participants or any other person or institution.
  8. Funding: All participants/speakers should register and pay online.

Criteria for Selection

  • The Program Committee will examine all proposals, which are complete. Incomplete proposals (i.e. no chairperson and/or less than 4 speakers, and/or missing communication titles) will NOT be considered by the Program Committee. Once a proposal is submitted, the corresponding proponent will receive a receipt; no modification will be accepted after the deadline.
  • The basic criteria for selection are the scientific interest of the topics, the achievements of the speakers in the field, and their ability to present their work to a broad multidisciplinary audience. Preference will be given to symposia that tackle a topic from various angles and aim to present different views and opinions rather than presenting the work of collaborating groups.
  • The balance of gender, diversity, scientific age and geographical distribution of the speakers’ affiliation will be considered by the Program Committee when selecting the successful proposals.
  • Decisions will be sent by email to the participants by the end of October 2023. The proposals will be definitely accepted once the organizers have replied, accepted the Congress conditions and confirmed their participation.